Find your size in 60 seconds

Not sure of your ring size? It's very easy to figure out, its simply a measurement in millimetres (mm) around your desired finger.

Tear off a thin strip of paper, wrap it around your finger, and make a mark with a pen where the paper meets.  Make sure the paper is straight and not loose.



Next, use a ruler to measure the length from your markings in mm's and write it down.  No ruler?  No worries.  You can measure your strip of paper on your phone.  Go to this link to measure from your phone screen.


Once you have your measurement, find your mm in the right column in the table below, and choose the corresponding Froth ring size in that row.


Froth Size US AU mm
6 (XXS) 6 M 52
7 (XS) 7 O 54.5
8 (S) 8 Q 57
9 (S/M) 9
R 3/4
10 (M) 10
T 1/2
11 (M/L) 11 V 1/2 65
12 (L) 12 Y 67.5
13 (XL) 13 Z+1 70
14 (XXL) 14 Z+3 72.5



Alternatively if you don't mind a small wait, you can order a ring sizer from us.